Denmark has a high employment rate, and the majority of both men and women work.

Danish workplaces offer good working conditions for employees, with family-friendly working hours, a modern working environment and, quite often, excellent opportunities for employees to upgrade their skills and competencies.

People say that knowledge is the most important resource in Denmark. To be competitive internationally, Denmark must have a high level of knowledge. This is often reflected in the excellent opportunities for further training and upgrading qualifications offered by companies.

Most workplaces in Denmark are characterised by an informal approach to collaboration – also between management and employees. There will normally be an open and constructive dialogue between managers and employees.

The Danish labour market is based on the flexicurity model. The word flexicurity is blend of flexibility and security. The essence of the Danish flexicurity system is a flexible labour market, where a business can easily adjust its workforce to the current economic situation, and a social safety net with allowances for the unemployed.