As an EU /EEA student you must :

1) Apply for a Danish social security number (CPR number) online

2) Register for an EU residence document and complete the registration for a CPR number at a speciel registration event at Dokk1. Please bring all the required documents for this event. Find more details below.

You can start the online application process for a CPR number when you have a confirmed housing offer in the municipality of Aarhus. 

You must register relevant information onlibe and upload the documents mentioned in the list below. Your online registration of data will be available to the staff at Dokk1, when you appear in person for the registration event.

You must upload (in PDF):

  1. Passport (photo page) or national ID (front and back) (must include your place of birth)
  2. Proof of your address in Denmark: rental contract (all pages) or housing offer with your Danish address and your name
  3. If applicable: marriage, divorce or death certificate (widow(er)). Birth certificate if you have a child (only if your child is accompanying you). Documentation concerning legal custody, if you are not married to your child's other parent (only if your child is accompanying you).

Your documents must be in Danish, English, German or in one of the Nordic languages.

Please note the deadline for applying online for a CPR number is provided to you by your educational institution.

When you register for a CPR number online, you will be told that “it is mandatory to upload an EU residence document”. Please disregard this request as the EU residence document will be issued to you when you appear in person at Dokk1 to complete your registration of entry.

Upon completing your online application please print the receipt containing a reference number. You will need it for the registration event at Dokk1. 

In the online application you will also be asked to book and appointment with Citizen Service. Please disregard this request. Instead, you MUST book an appointment to finish your registrations at Dokk1 on either Tuesday August 18, Tuesday August 25 or Tuesday September 1, using the link below



After applying for a CPR number online you will need to appear in person at Dokk1 to complete your registrations for a CPR number and an EU residence document. You must book an appoinment to finish your registrations at Dokk1 on either Tuesday August 18, Tuesday August 25 or Tuesday September 1, using the link above. 

Please make sure you bring all required documents listed below. Make sure that documents are clearly legible. You must bring the documents with you as we are not able to print or copy documents for you.

What to bring:

You need to bring these documents in order to register for a EU residence document: 

1: Your original Passport / National ID
Must state your place of birth

2: 1 copy of your passport/ID
Must be a clear, complete and readable copy of the datapage. For ID cards: both sides.

3: 1 passport photo
Must be 3,5 x 4,5 cm, clear, in focus, be in clear contrast to the background, no red eyes.

4: Letter of acceptance from your educational institution
Must be the latest you have received. Printed.

5: Application form OD1 and declaration of self support
Page 1-7 must be filled out before meeting up. Sign the form and write the date you will be handing in the application at Dokk1.

OD1 and declaration of self support


You need to bring these docuements in order to finish your registration for a CPR number:

6: Proof of your address in Denmark
E.g. a Danish rental contract (all pages) or a housing offer with Danish address and your name.

7: Print or photo of the receipt from your online application for a CPR number
We will need the receipt's reference number to find the online data you have provided.

8: Documentation of your Nordic social security number
If you are moving to Denmark from another Nordic country.

9: If applicable: marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate (widow(er)), childrens’ birth certificates (only if your child is accompanying you). Documents on legal custody, if you are not married to your child's other parent (only if your child is accompanying you). 

The registration event takes place at:

Hack Kampmanns Plads 2
8000 Aarhus C


Picture of EU residence document

EU residence document
The EU residence document is proof that that you meet the conditions for residence under EU legislation and therefore have the right to reside and study in Denmark.

CPR Number
In Denmark each person has a personal registration number, which is called a CPR number. CPR stands for Central Person Register.
The CPR number is essential in relation to any contact with the Danish authorities and especially in connection to tax and social security issues.
The CPR-number gives you the right to use the Danish health care system.

Picture of temporary health insurance card

A temporary health insurance card
The document is your temporary health insurance card until you receive the actual card. It contains the name, address and phone number of your doctor. Until you receive your actual health insurance card, you must bring the temporary document if you are going to the doctor, hospital or dentist.

Picture of health insurcance card

The actual yellow health insurance card
About 14 days after your entry has been registered, you will receive a yellow health insurance card (sundhedskort) by post (please have your name on your mailbox). The card carries your Danish CPR-number (social security number). You are advised to always carry your yellow health insurance card with you as you will need to use it when contacting your doctor, hospitals and dentists.
Read about healthcare in Denmark here

Picture of NemID

NemID is your personal secure login for digital contact with public authorities, for your Digital Post, for netbanking and a wide range of online self-service solutions. You log on with NemID via your personal user-ID, a personal password, and a code card with one-time passwords on. Your NemID is set up by Citizen Service (Borgerservice) when you do your registrations.
Then, after 3-11 days, you will receive two letters, one with your code card and one with an activation password which you must use in order to activate your NemID.
Read more about NemID here