You must pay tax of your income in Denmark. Exactly how much depends on your earnings and the tax deductions and allowances you are entitled to. 

As a newcomer, you are recommended to call the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) on (+45) 72 22 28 92.


Applying for a tax card and a personal tax number

If you have completed the form in full and attached or enclosed the documents required, you will receive a preliminary income assessment (forskudsopgørelse) within two weeks. At the top of your preliminary income assessment, you will see your personal tax number. 
The tax card is part of your preliminary income assessment. It contains information about your withholding rate, your monthly tax-free allowances and deductions. The tax card is sent directly to your employer. 
When you have received your NemID, please log on to the Danish Tax Agency's self service system, E-tax for individuals (TastSelv Borger) to complete your preliminary income assessment. Your information is used to determine how much tax you should pay.
If you do not apply for a tax card, your employer will deduct 55% from your salary. 
Apply for a tax card and personal tax number at the International Citizen Service (ICS):

As an employee, you can register for your CPR-number, apply for NemID and do your tax registration all at once. Find out more here.