As an employee or student from outside the Nordic countries, the EU/EEA and Switzerland your application for a residence permit is handled by the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment (SIRI).

There are several different options for a residence and work permit in Denmark. Your education, qualifications and the type of job you have been offered are important to how you should apply.

In the majority of cases, your future employer in Denmark will contribute with information for the application.

You can apply for a residence and work permit online or through a Danish mission, i.e. a Danish Embassy or a Danish Consulate General that has agreed to process Danish applications for residence. You will find the official guidelines and application forms on the Danish Immigration Service's website:


All non EU citizens must have their biometric features recorded. This means that you must have a facial photo taken and your fingerprints recorded. The facial photo and your fingerprints will be stored on a microchip embedded in the residence card, which will be issued to you if you are granted a permit. If you do not agree to have your biometric features recorded, your application will be rejected.

If you have submitted an online application form, you must have your biometric features recorded no later than 14 days after you submitted your application.

Your biometric features can be recorded at a Danish diplomatic mission abroad, at a Danish local police station with facilities for recording biometrics or in SIRI’s Citizen Centre in Copenhagen. If you submit a printable application form at a Danish mission, you can have your biometric features recorded there or at an application centre in the country, where you reside.