Once you have received your residence document, you must register your entry to Denmark with Citizens’ Services in the municipality you have moved to in order to get your CPR- number and choose a doctor.

As an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen you are entitled to register for a CPR number if your stay exceeds three months and must register if it exceeds six months.

You must have a place to live in order to register for a CPR number. This also applies for accompanying family members who are not EU/EEA or Swiss Citizens.

If you are moving to Aarhus, you must first register online and thereafter attend in person at Citizens’ Services in order to get your CPR number and choose a doctor.

When you register online, please have the following documents ready for upload:

  • EU residence document from the The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI)
  • Passport or national ID with photo (must include your place of birth)
  • Proof of your address in Denmark e.g. a rental contract
  • Marriage certificate, if you are married - even if your partner is not accompanying you
  • Divorce certificate, if you are divorced
  • Death certificate, if you are a widow(er)
  • Birth certificate for any accompanying child under 18
  • Documents concerning legal custody, if you are not married to your child's other parent.

Your documents must be in Danish, English or German.

For your appointment at Citizen Service, please bring the receipt you get from your registration online and the original documents mentioned above.

About 14 days after your entry has been registered, you will receive a yellow health insurance card (sundhedskort) by post which carries your Danish CPR-number (social security number).

You are advised to always carry your yellow health insurance card with you as you will need to use it when contacting your doctor, hospitals and dentists.

Have you been issued with a CPR number before?  

Then you should not register online. However, you still need to book an appointment at Citizens' Services in order to register your re-entry to Denmark.

Please bring your passport / National ID, proof of your address in Denmark, and a valid EU residence document from The Danish Agency  for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

If there has been any changes to your civil status, please bring the documents mentioned above accordingly. If you are entering Denmark from one of the Nordic countries, you also need to bring proof of your Nordic social security number.