We are really looking forward to give you the full overview presentations, entertainment and the many associations and organisations that will welcome you at the Aarhus City Welcome 2020!

The program and the list of representatives within culture, sport, leisure, language training, job facilitation, volunteering, networks to meet will be updated regularly during the following months. Stay tuned!


Work life and job search


The Danish Tax Agency
The Danish Tax Agency will be at hand to guide you through the Danish tax system and answer your questions. www.skat.dk/english

The International Employment Unit, Jobcenter Aarhus
We support Aarhus-based spouses and partners to international specialist workers, international jobseekers, and repats with e.g. career counselling, guidance on navigating the Danish labour market, how to write a good job application and CV, How to use LinkedIn in your job  search and how to manage job interviews.
Bring your solicited or unsolicited job application (Cover Letter + CV) to our stand for feedback. Get tips for performing well during a job interview, insight into how to use both LinkedIn and your wider network strategically, and an open and realistic discussion about your career in Denmark. We are excited to meet you! https://newcitizen.dk/work/job-search/

Language training


Swap Language
Swap Language helps you learn languages with native speakers in your city.
You decide when, where and what you want to learn. Sign up for free and start learning today. And join us for our weekly language exchange meetings!
“The fastest way to learn a language? Speak with native speakers” – Swap Language. https://www.swaplanguage.com/Front and https://www.facebook.com/pg/swaplanguage/events/


Sports and leisure

Stay tuned!




Visit Aarhus
VisitAarhus is the official tourist organization for Aarhus and the Aarhus region. Meet us to a talk about the wonderful city you are about to or already live in. Ask us anything about culture, shopping, restaurants, events etc. www.aarhusregionen.com

Studenterhus Aarhus
Studenterhus Aarhus is the place to be for all students and young people in Aarhus - we are an international house where you can throw parties, meet your friends in the café, join International Night, Board Game Café, concerts or another of the more than 100 cultural events we host every year. We also have a bar with more than 250 specialty beers - for young and old. https://studenterhusaarhus.dk/frontpage


ForeningsMentor International, The Sports and Leisure Department, Aarhus Municipality
Meet ForeningsMentor International (Association Mentors) who helps children from 6 to 17 years of age find the right association for their leisure activity. We can show you the way - or you can get a more personal guidance from a volunteering mentor. https://foreningsmentor.dk/english


VisitAarhus’ volunteer programme
VisitAarhus runs a volunteer programme to support the blooming cultural and business life in the city and for pleasure and benefit of the whole of Aarhus, guests and citizens. Meet some of the people behind the volunteer programme, and explore the many activities where you can join as a ReThinker volunteer. E-mail: rethinkers@visitaarhus.com Sign up: https://www.rethinkers.dk/skriv-dig-op-her/ 

Stay tuned for more!