Take a look at what awaits you at the Aarhus City Welcome 2019!

All activities are free of charge.

Speakers' Corner

15.35 Welcome speech by  Mayor of Culture and Citizen Service Mr. Rabih Azad-Ahmad

16.15 Performance by Pro Pace International Choir

The multinational choir will take you on a journey through time, performing songs in no less than Danish, English, Bulgarian and Zulu!

17.10 Stand up comedy with one of the best comedians in Denmark, Simon Talbot (in English)

Simon Talbot is one of the biggest darlings in Danish comedy. Despite his young age he has already had four successful one man shows, performed in the US and England, participated in and hosted a range of comedy shows on TV and is a four-time nominee as Comedian of the Year at ZULU Comedy Galla.

Information Bazar

15.30 - 18.00 Be inspired - get involved!

Find the list of network organisations, sports- and leisure clubs, culture houses, volunteering organisations, job facilitators and more under Associations and organisations to meet in 2019


Experience Space

Different sports clubs present at the Information Bazar invites you to try out their line of sport

15.30 - 16.00   Lacrosse by Aarhus Ravens Lacrosse

Being quick on your feet is not everything in Lacrosse, stick skills are equally important. Do you have them? Find out at the Experience space, where we will introduce the basics of Lacrosse wrapped in fun games. Everyone is welcome to join!

16.00 - 16.30   Kin-ball by Aarhus Kin-Ball Forening

Get a feel of the techniques and rules of the game that is usually played by three teams of four players with a ball measuring 1,22 meters in diameter and waying almost a kilo.

16.30 - 17.00  Guitar-workshop by FOF Aarhus

Come by the Experience Space and try out a few accords on the guitar together with our teacher Rasmus. Both beginners and practiced players are more than welcome to join. Maybe you will discover a true, hidden musician in you. FOF Aarhus is the place if you dream of learning how to play an instrument! We offer a wide range of musical and instrumental classes – guitar courses included.

17.00 - 17.30  Quidditch by Aarhus Owls Quidditch

Come try out the techniques of Quidditch and see if you can manage your broomstick! Known from Harry Potter, but now taken to the real world, this is a serious and super fun sport!

17.30- 18.00    Tango workshop by Raíces

Tango with or without shoes, with or without a partner, tango for everyone. Simple, easy and fun. With us you will enjoy dancing different styles and rhythms of tango. This is a good opportunity to start dancing tango. Come and dance a Latin dance that has a lot of rhythm and diverse influences. Dance is history, it is culture, it is an identity. Tango is joy and movement. Come join us!


Creative Space

15.30 - 18.00 Drawing workshop by FOF Aarhus

Come by and try out our drawing workshop! At FOF Aarhus, we offer a wide range of creative classes and this afternoon, we invite you to join our drawing workshop, where our teacher Birthe will guide and give you the basic techniques of drawing. Hopefully, you will get inspired to start a new or resume an old hobby with FOF Aarhus.


Entertainment for children

15.30 - 18.00 A universe inside a suitcase - at Rampen

Hey you - what's in your suitcase? Join us, when we open our suitcases to experience the universes inside them! Maybe the inside jumps out and into your life…
Our suitcases can be experienced by children of all ages.

The suitcases and games are developed by international students of pedagogy from VIA University College.

16.00 - 18.00 Reading out loud in Spanish - at the Children's Library

RAICES' librarian will be reading in Spanish to children (of all ages) from their new acquisitions - come and spend a magic time!

15.30 - 18.00 Play around at the Childrens' Library at Dok

have fun with interactive games, labyrinths and books.

16.00 - 17.00 Meet grizzly

Grizzly is the mascot of Bakken Bears - the elite Basket team of Aarhus

Tour by Interactive Aarhus

18.00 - 19.00

At the end of Aarhus City Welcome, Interactive Aarhus invites you to join them on a one-hour interactive tour especially designed for this occasion. Follow one of the guides from Interactive Aarhus through some of the city’s oldest and most iconic areas, where you will team up to solve challenges. Unlocking knowledge about Aarhus and where to go next, you become an actor of your own discovery. Along the way, the guide will tell you about life 1300 years ago, how Aarhus became Denmark’s second city, Dokk1’s hidden art, and much more. An interactive tour is an ideal way to unravel some of Aarhus’ stories while meeting new people.

  • The tour starts and ends outside the main entrance of Dokk1. 
  • The tour is suitable for children
  • No sign up is necessary.
  • The tour is open to a maximum of 120 participants.



What else?

Grab a plate of delicious cake!

Goodiebags - for the first 500 adults and 100 children including free tickets for one of Aarhus' most iconic tourist attractions!

Do you have a vivid imagination? Visit the wall at Rampen and guess the meaning of strange Danish expressions.