International Company Day

Every autumn Aarhus Jobcenter and a number of partners host the International Company Day at Aarhus Rådhus. Here you'll have the opportunity to meet the companies in and around Aarhus who are looking for talented international students and graduates. 

Aarhus University offers a range of guidance and information directed towards students looking for student jobs, internships thesis collaborations with companies or jobs as a graduate. Find more information here. 

The (international) student counsellor at your higher school of education may also be able to guide you towards where to find more information on relevant student jobs or internships within your field of study as well as events on company dating. 

Websites: and its university specific subsites. Here you can find student jobs, internships, and full-time positions. On the bottom of the page you can find  a link to your university's job bank. Universities usually post campus jobs here. If you speak Danish use the Danish site as they will have more openings. is the official Danish website for international recruitement. The site offers information on how to find a relevant student job, how to write an application, what to do in a job interview, etc. The site also has a job and CV bank. Work in Denmark also has an office at the International Citizen Service West at the river in Aarhus. Find their contact information on the website. is one of several job-pages that post student jobs and short time employment opportunities, often as temps or for event work. is run by Studenterhus Aarhus. The site offers a number of postings in Danish and English for trainees, internships, students workers and volunteering. is Aarhus University's job- and project bank for students and graduates.  

Other web sites: