You have every opportunity to learn Danish during your stay.

The Ministry of Immigration and Integration seeks to ensure that foreign employees and their families are well received in Denmark so they quickly feel at home, learn Danish and start establishing their own networks.

Adult foreigners can receive free Danish lessons for up to three and a half years within a five year period, to facilitate their work or studies and being a citizen in Denmark.

Please note that you are required to pay a deposit of 2000 kr. in order to attend Danish lessons. This deposit can be taken from you, should you not pass your test within the set time frames for the various modules.

To be eligible for Danish lessons you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be registered with a CPR number 
  • Possess a valid residence permit or an EU residence document, or
  • Be a Danish Citizen, who has moved back to Denmark after living overseas for many years, or
  • Be a cross-border commuter, whose main office is located in Aarhus Municipality

Please note that your right to Danish lessons will automatically start in the form of an Offer Letter from Jobcenter Aarhus, which you can expect to receive within a couple of months after entering Denmark for the first time.    

Want to know more?

Contact Jobcenter Aarhus for further information about gaining a referral to Danish lessons.

Tel: 41 85 63 21
Email: Att.: Danish Team

Danish lessons are offered by municipal or private language schools and other education centres – should you require further information regarding fees, class timetables etc., we ask kindly that you contact the language schools directly. CLAVIS is the official language school in Aarhus Municipality:

Moreover, many online Danish language courses for adults and children are available, and it is also possible to borrow language courses at the library.