In Denmark it is a statutory requirement to have personal liability insurance if you own a motor vehicle. If you have a dog, you are also obliged to have dog insurance in the event that your dog causes damage.

It is a good idea to have contents and personal liability insurance as a minimum. Often it is possible to take out a combined fire, contents and personal liability insurance policy. In addition, it is reassuring to have an accident insurance.

Insurance premium and excess

The insurance premium is what you pay to be insured for a given period.

The excess is the amount you have agreed to pay in advance if you make a claim on your insurance policy, for example in the event of an accident. In other words, the excess will be deducted from the amount to which you can be entitled from the insurance company.

The insurance premium can vary from one insurance company to another, and it is therefore advisable that you obtain more than one quote before deciding which insurance company to use.