Digital services

In Denmark it is mandatory to use self-service solutions for specific services. You need NemID to use those solutions. You can always get help with digital solutions and guidance at the Citizens' Services in your municipality.

With a digital mailbox on you can send and receive e-mail in a free, easy and secure way. In Denmark it is mandatory to receive all of your mail from the public authorities electronically through Digital Post. However, you can apply for exemption if you cannot use Digital Post.

What is Digital Post

Digital Post is your mailbox on the Internet. Here you can send and receive emails from the public authorities. Digital Post is as safe as Internet banking – nobody else can see your emails.

With Digital Post you can:

  • Send and receive secure free e-mails from the public authorities.
  • Save your emails from the public authorities, so that you can easily find them again.
  • Receive notifications in your private email when there are new messages in the digital mailbox.
  • See all your eBoks letters if you already signed up to e-Boks.

If you do not use Digital Post or some other secure mail, and you include sensitive personal information in your e-mail, the municipality cannot respond to your request electronically.


How to sign up for Digital Post

Go to and follow the instructions. You can sign up using the green box.



Go to Digital Post on (opens new window)


Remember that: 

  • If you already have a digital mailbox, you can check where you have chosen to receive mail from. Log in to your digital mailbox and click on the tab "Registrations". Then you will get a list of all the authorities and companies that you receive digital mail from.

NemID is your personal secure login for digital contact with public authorities, netbanking and a wide range of online self service solutions. Your NemID is issued by Citizens' Services.

What is NemID?

NemID is Denmark's common secure logon solution when using e.g. public self service online, online banking, a range of private and public companies etc.

NemID allows you to log on using the same logon solution whether you are checking or sending digital post from or to public authorities, checking your accounts, your insurances or your tax information etc. 

Besides using NemID as a secure logon, NemID also works as your signature online. It is just as valid as the one you put on paper.

Your NemID also allows you to logon from different devices.

You log on via your CPR-number, a personal password, and a code card with printed codes.

How to obtain NemID?

Your NemID is issued by Citizens' Services, and can be issued in relation to your registration for a CPR-number. 

Getting a NemID that is ready to use (your NemID is activated and you are issued with the code card) requires that you:

  • bring an attesting witness who is at least 18 years old, have a CPR number and must present valid photo identification, and sign a solemn declaration under penalty of law.
  • bring valid photo ID, e.g. your passport or your residence permit with photo issued in Denmark.

If your are not able to bring an attesting witness, your NemID will be set up for you at Citizens' Services. 

After 3-11 days, you will receive two letters, one with your code card and one with an activation password which you must use in order to activate your NemID.

You can also obtain NemID at your bank. Let them know, that you also wish to use NemID for public online solutions, otherwise it will only work for checking your netbank and you will not be able to logon to see important digital mail from authorities.