After you leave the hospital, a Health Visitor will call you and offer home visits several times during the first year, to ensure your baby´s wellbeing , monitor baby's health and offer advice about parenthood and childrens development. Visits include topics such as how to create a good relationship between parent and baby, feeding, nutrition, general care, and support to both you and your partner.

The first home visit will be offered four to five days after baby's birth. Dates for subsequent visits are agreed between you and the health visitor, but would usually be when baby is:

  • Four-five days
  • 10-14 days
  • Two-three months
  • Six months visit – for all first-time parents/ phone call – for all second-time plus parents
  • Nine – 10 months

We can help and support you with most anything you may be concerned about regarding your baby’s health, your family’s health e.g. postnatal depression, and all the routine baby things such as feeding, sleeping, crying, and minor ailments.

We will also follow your baby’s health and development from birth to 10 months old. We focus on the health of your baby as well as the whole family´s wellbeing, meaning you as mum, dad or partner adjusting to the new role as parents.

Call our Service Phone if you have concerns or need advice: 70 20 80 08. The phone is open seven days a week from 9-12am and 17-19pm.

Trouble with breastfeeding – call and get advice on 51 57 63 63 Monday-Thursday 8.30–10.00 and Friday 8.30-9.30.

In Denmark, most new mothers join a mothers’ group.

Mom groups consist of about 4-6 women who have all given birth around the same time. The group is formed with consideration to geography and first time/second time Mom.

How to join a Mom group:
Your Health Visitor, who will come and see you in the first days after the birth, will sign you up for Mom Group, if you are interested. It is optional to participate. The Health Visitor will arrange the first meeting for the Mom group. Following, it is up to you and the group members to decide where and how often you wish to meet.