You must find your own dentist. As an adult you pay for dental treatments. It is only free for children under 18 years.


Dental care for children under 18 years.

The clinics are typically at or near the municipal primary and lower secondary schools. The municipally dental care service offers preventive dental care, examinations and treatment.


The local clinic automatically contacts all parents of newborn children and newly arrived children and young people aged 0-17 (incl.) to inform them about the dental care services available. 


Emergency dental treatment

If you have an accident involving your teeth, there are emergency dentists which are open outside normal opening hours.


In East Jutland, the emergency dental service is located at Brobjergskolen near Concert Hall Aarhus and the City Hall.


You must pay for dental treatment from the emergency dental service.


Opening hours

The emergency dental service is open on Fridays from 18.00-21.00 and at weekends and on bank holidays from 10.00-13.00.



Tandklinikken på Brobjergskolen

Frederiks Allé 20

8000 Aarhus C

Phone: 40 51 51 62