What to know about leave from childcare

A leave must be applied for with at least two months notice before the 1st or the 16th of the month.

The earliest you can apply for a leave, is after the child has been using the place for at least one month.

An example: If your child starts on the 1st of March, the earliest you can apply is on the 1st of April, and the leave can begin, with two months notice, on the 1st of June. Therefore you cannot accept a childcare place, and start by taking a leave.

To apply for leave from your childcare service, please get and fill in the form on this page.

If you are applying for leave from a nursery, kindergarten or a childminder: Send the form directly to the institution.

When we have granted the leave, you will receive a notification from us.

Remember: A leave always starts on the 1st or the 16th of the month, and it must last for at least two months.

Application for/ extension of leave of absence from childcare

The condition for delay in school admission is, that the child is enrolled in an institution.

Therefore, as a general rule we do not grant a leave from the institution, when there has also been granted a delay in school admission.

We consider an interruption of the stay in the institution as a impairment of your child's opportunities of getting ready for school.

But: There can be conditions in relation to your child or your family, which mean that we can grant a short leave from an institution.

If you wish for a leave from an institution for a child who has their school admission delayed:

1. Get in touch with the daycare institution. They will draw up a plan of action and a statement.
2. When you have received these, you can apply for a leave. Remember to attach the plan of action and the statement.
3. Send the application to Planlægning og Pladsanvisning (Planning and Placement Service).

After that we make an overall assessment of the conditions in regards to your child's development. We evaluate how the goals from the plan of action are being met. On this basis, Planlægning og Pladsanvisning make a decision on possibly granting a leave.


According to dagtilbudsloven (Day-Care Facilities Act) §11 all children that are not in an institution must have their language evaluated.

The language evaluation is mandatory, regardless of the child's linguistic background. We carry out the evaluation when your child is between two years and ten months old, and three years and four months old.

When your child is on leave from a nursery, kindergarten or a childminder, we equate the child with children outside childcare institutions. If your child is on leave between the age of two years and ten months, and three years and four months, we must carry out a language evaluation, or have an agreement of a language evaluation, before we can grant the leave.

Do you wish to extend your child's leave? You must do this in writing by contacting Planlægning og Pladsanvisning by Digital Post. You must contact us two months before the original leave expires at the latest.

Do you wish to cancel your child's leave? Then you must contact Planlægning og Pladsanvisning (Planning and Placement Service)

if you cancel yopur child's leave we do not guarantee the same childcare place. We guarantee an equivalent childcare place, according to the childminding guarantee. As soon as possible, we will send out a new offer for childcare after the cancelled leave.

Do you wish to withdraw your child from a childcare place, while the child is on leave or after the leave expires? Then you must send a written withdrawal with two months notice to the 15th or to the last day of the month to Planlægning og Pladsanvisning (Planning and Placement Service) using Digital Post. 

If the child's leave lasts for more than three months, we will cancel the free or subsidised childcare place. Therefore, you must apply for a new free or subsidised childcare place, when the leave expires.