The size of benefit depends on the child’s age. Child- and youthlife benefit is tax-free and is normally paid out to the mother or the person who has custody of the child if he or she has submitted an application. The child benefit is paid out quarterly on 20. January, 20. April, 20. July and 20. October. The youthlife benefit is paid out per month instead of per quarter.


The rules

The full allowance is paid if you have had residence or have been working in Denmark 2 years out of the last 10 years. Else the payment will be a percentage of the full payment. (25% 6-11 months, 50 % 12-17 months, 75% 18-23 months)


On January 1, 2014 another new rule was imposed. If you and/or your spouses income is more than 749.000 kr, then your child benefit will be reduced with 2% of the amount that is more than 749.000 kr.


Child benefit full rates for 2018

0-2 years: DKK 4.506 per quarter
3-6 years: DKK 3.567 per quarter
7-14 years: DKK 2.808 per quarter


Younglife benefit rates for 2018

15-17 years: DKK 936 per month



If you have any questions about child and youth benefit, contact Udbetaling Danmark (tel. +45 70 12 80 62)


Please note that receiving public benefits can have implications for your residence permit.


For more information, please contact the Danish Immigration Service on tel. +45 35 30 85 55.


Who can receive child benefit and youth benefit?

To receive child benefit and youth benefit, some of the following criteria need to be fulfilled:


  • The person who has custody of the child must be fully liable to pay tax in Denmark. As a rule, this requires that you live in Denmark, and that the child stays in Denmark
  • The child must not be supported by the State or be married
  • It is not always essential that these conditions are fulfilled to receive child and youth benefit. if, for example, you are a salaried employee or an independent businessman from an EU/EEA country, you should contact your municipality to find out whether you are entitled to child and youth benefit


If the child and youth benefit needs to be paid to someone other than the child’s mother, you need to submit the necessary application form. SKAT and the municipality find out whether the conditions are fulfilled.