The children are usually looked after in the childminder’s own home. This type of childcare is typically used for children under 3.


A childminder may look after up to five children. There may, however, be up to 10 children in the childminder’s home if there are two or more childminders to look after them.

Many municipalities have established playgroups where the childminders can meet and where the children can play across groups. 


In Aarhus it is about once a week, a group of childminders and their children meet for playgroup, where the children are able to join in various activities as part of a larger group of children. The care, play and learning strengthen the children’s sense of self-worth as well as their linguistic and social development and the development of their motor skills.


If your normal childminder is absent, your child can be looked after by a relief childminder known by the child or by another childminder in the area.


Childminding – applying for a place

To apply for a place with a childminder, you must contact the childcare administration in your municipality.