In the kindergarten your child is involved in many activities and experiences every day along with the other children.

Your child's well-being and social competencies are strengthened through play and learning before he or she enters school. 

The staff in the kindergarten consist of trained kindergarten teachers and assistants. Your experience with your child's habits and routines is an important element in your cooperation with the kindergarten. Tell the staff about your child so that you can ensure that your child thrives and develops at home as well as in the kindergarten.

Ask the kindergarten teachers how to help your child get the best start in the new kindergarten.

Different types of kindergartens

The daily routine may differ depending on which kindergarten your child attends.

Also, in addition to ordinary kindergartens you can find the following types in kindergartens in Aarhus:

  • Nature kindergartens
  • Sport kindergartens
  • Special-needs kindergartens for children with disabilities
  • Kindergartens offering part-time care
  • International kindergartens

On you can find the kindergartens in Aarhus. Type in your address to find kindergartens near you or the name of a particular kindergarten to find its location.