Your municipality has a list from which children are allocated a place in the public daycare institutione according to a number of criteria. 

In order to find a dagpleje (personalized daycare) vuggestue (nursery), børnehave (kindergarten) or integreret institution (combined nursery and kindergarten) you must put your child's name down on this waiting list. 

You sign up your child digitally at at the self service solution Den Digitale Pladsanvisning, using your NemID.

Please find a user guide below on how to sign your child up for daycare using Digital Pladsanvisning. 

 When can I put my child's name down for daycare?

Once your child has a CPR number you can put your child's name down for daycare. Daycare is possible from when your child is 6 months old. 

Finding a private daycare institution
If you want a place at a private institution, you must contact the institution directly. The municipality cannot allocate places at or admit children to private institutions.