The National Board of Health in Denmark recommends that all children and adults are physically active for at least 30 minutes every day. Daily physical activity can include taking the stairs instead of the elevator or cycling to work, and you can, of course, also join a sports club.

Being an active member of a sports club is an excellent way of meeting new people, forming friendships and expanding your network while at the same time learning more about Danes and Denmark – in addition to getting fit.

Your municipality offers a wide range of sporting and outdoor activities. Many sports facilities are municipal or subsidised by the municipality. Contact your municipality to learn more about how to take advantage of the sporting activities offered by your municipality.


Find a club or association

Almost all types of organised sports are run by clubs or associations. Find the local sports clubs in your local telephone directory or contact your municipality.


Outdoor exercise

At the southern end of Riis Skov woods close to Østbanetorvet is an outdoor fitness area where you can exercise under the open skies while enjoying views of the Bay of Aarhus. Here, 17 exercise machines and pieces of exercise equipment have been set up and which you can use free of charge.


There are also two training pavilions in Aarhus. One is situated on Tangkrogen near Marselisborg marina, while the other can be found in Hasle Bakker near Gellerup.


There are many more outdoor training facilities around all of Greater Aarhus. Search the website of your municipality.