Libraries in Denmark fulfil an important democratic function. Their main task is to provide citizens with equal and free access to information, knowledge and culture as well as to support their lifelong learning. The libraries thereby constitute an important foundation for freedom of thought and the democratic process.

What can the libraries offer?

A library gives you every opportunity to find inspiration and immerse yourself in cultural experiences. You can obtain a library card and use library facilities free of charge. The libraries lend out books in Danish and in other languages, magazines, audio books, CDs and films on DVD. You can also log on to the Internet via the library’s PCs free of charge, read newspapers and borrow books from other libraries.

In addition to lending library materials, the public libraries also offer other services. Most libraries also offer courses, for example in basic Internet use, in how to use email, public digital self-service solutions, social networks and much more. Helping schoolchildren with their homework is another service offered by many libraries.

In most municipalities, the public libraries provide access to downloading music, film streaming, downloading e-books, downloading audio books and access to databases, either from home or from the library’s PCs.

The libraries’ many activities also include cultural events such as author’s nights, art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, book readings, children’s films and theatre.