Clubs and associations are doing more and more to attract internationals, for instance by translating their websites into English or by setting up events aimed at internationals through International Community. Two of the associations that have several international members are Aarhus Canoe & Kayak Club and the joint sail event organisation Sailing Aarhus.


Executive director at Sailing Aarhus, Thomas Capitani, is happy to see more and more internationals joining one of the five sailing clubs that are part of Sailing Aarhus. “Our goal is to make internationals feel as welcome as possible. We are currently planning to introduce specific programmes targeted at non-Danish speaking citizens, however, until this is ready, I am the point of entry for all internationals, who are interested in joining one of our sailing clubs. Aarhus has a lot to offer when it comes to sailing and we would like to share our beautiful sea with as many as possible”, says Thomas Capitani.


Club foreman from Aarhus Canoe & Kayak, Anders Pedersen, is also very pleased to see more international members in the club. “The influx of internationals has given so much to our club and the Danish members, too. It really adds a dimension to our club that we couldn’t have foreseen, and we look forward to welcoming more members in the future”, says Anders Pedersen.


Information in English about leisure activities is available on these websites: VisitAarhus and International Community.