The municipal primary and lower secondary schools, the Folkeskole, offer schooling for all children aged 6-16. The Folkeskole consists of a pre-school class, nine years of primary and lower secondary education and an optional Year 10.

Every day in Aarhus, more than 30,000 pupils attend the 51 municipal primary and lower secondary schools, the three municipal schools for children with special needs and 16 private schools and private independent schools.

The primary and lower secondary schools must equip pupils with academic qualifications and generally prepare them for their role as citizens in a democratic society. The schools work closely with parents, and base their approach on child-centred learning.

Free choice of school
Your child automatically belongs to the primary/lower secondary school in the school district where you live. This means that your child is entitled to be admitted to the school and to an after-school club, if there is one.

A principle of free choice of school applies in Denmark, so you can freely enrol your child at another school if you wish, but please note that there has to be space for your child before you can send him or her to a school other than your district school.