Reception classes, in Danish Modtagelsesklasser, are specialized in supporting your child in gaining sufficient knowledge of the Danish language before attending a regular class in a Danish public school (Folkeskole). Besides receiving tuition in the Danish language your child will receive tuition in other subjects according to the school’s curriculum.

Reception classes are for children aged 6-17. Your child will be enrolled in a reception class in one of the public schools in Aarhus that have a reception class (in 2020/2021 5 schools in Aarhus have reception classes). 

Overview of reception classes in Aarhus

When ready to attend a regular class

When your child is ready to be enrolled in a regular class, your child can either continue at the school where the reception class is located or move to the public school in the school district connected to your address. This is up to you as your child’s parent. When moving to a regular class, your child will receive additional Danish classes.

Compensation for transport

If your child has been allocated to a reception class that is not located at a school in the school district connected to your address you will be compensated for transport to and from the school. The means of transportation, taxi or bus, will be subject to individual assessment.

Further information about reception classes

Kompetencecenter for børn med dansk som andetsprog can help you with further information on reception classes.

Kompetencecenter for dansk som andetsprog
Læssøesgades Skole
Læssøesgade 24, 8000 Aarhus C
Tel.: 87 13 61 51