Cooperative housing unit

A cooperative housing unit is owned by a cooperative housing association. You thus buy a share of the housing cooperative and thus have right of use to a flat.


When living in cooperative housing, you do not pay rent in the traditional sense, but an amount which covers the cooperative housing association’s running expenses. This amount may thus vary if, for example, the association decides to refurbish the property etc.


Housing associations

Homes in housing associations cover a wide range of flats and single-family houses built with public subsidies for the purpose of ensuring there are different types of housing available to all citizens in society. The rent will typically be lower than for other types of rental accommodation, but there will often be waiting lists. The municipality may allocate council housing to citizens with special needs.


Owner-occupied housing

Owner-occupied housing, which includes both flats and single-family houses, is property which the owner has at his or her disposal.


Rental accommodation

Rental accommodation is owned and rented out by private landlords. Typically, the tenant and the landlord conclude a lease in which the terms and conditions of the contract are set out. It is important that you obtain a lease from your landlord so that you know what you have agreed in terms of rent, maintenance and vacation.


On the internet there are many sites where you can find other types of housing, for example private rental properties or estate agents if you are interested in buying a property.